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More than one year ago, i was actually freaking out about so much stuff. Well so much has changed, here's to a better new year :)

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Was finally watching the retirement speech of Edge, and i did feel rather emotional! Many people say that it's stupid to be watch Wrestling, as it obviously is scripted, but i guess it really became part of my life since i was young. Haha omg. So many memories. 
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Like James was saying, i guess it's getting weirder when more and more girls start mixing with the original gang of just males. Guess it's just change happening i guess. Preferred the way it was in the past :/ So much simpler then. Going out requires more planning and consideration of others' wants, and you have to watch what you say and all. 

Now, you see the real meaning of fair weathered friends, who i am frankly rather disappointed about. I guess it doesn't pay to be nice after all. 

As much as i complain about army, it does seem like some sort of escapism from reality. So much crap is happening back home. I know we have to be appreciative of our lives and all, but sometimes it really sucks to return back from camp to more stress faced than when you were in camp. And on a sidenote, i did wish army wouldn't be THAT slack.

I should have a to do list. Things i wanna do before i turn 30. 

Sometimes handling too many people at once is a bad thing. Hahah. WHEN WILL I SETTLE DOWN?

I wanna go out much more. So many things tying me back down though.

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 So glad i was in SA all this while. Taught me loads about personal relations. Haha.
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 Haha it has been such a long time since i last blogged! And i guess the only significant thing that happened was me getting into my new unit CBRE, which i was initially so afraid of, dealing with masks and all. I can't believe i used to complain about my school uniform when now i have to wear suits that are like more than 10 times worse. Crazy uh. 

And anyway, i guess this blog is dying. Though i would really like to wish for a way for me to find energy to do this at least once per week! Haha sigh.
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 Just awhile more to results. But i can't really feel the nervousness or excitement now. Really mentally preparing myself to screw up. Haha and field camp is shit. More worried for it. 
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 Haha it's Chinese new year. And probably the last time i blog for a long time, cuz of army and the fact that i am too lazy to update. What do i have to blog about anyway? Nothing significant actually. Haven't been doing anything real significant since As end. Quite disappointing really. Supposed to do much, much more. Hahah this is not meant to be an emo post! But shitt. Army is coming soon, and so is results. Scared siaa. HAHAHA okay i really have nothing to type this time. Goodbye Livejournal for now then.
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Haha so i guess it has been a really really really long time since i last blogged. Kept putting it off till now. Guess many events have happened since then!

A Levels:
Wow. What a killer. History was screwed up cuz the topics spotted were inaccurate, especially SEA. Wishing all the best to everyone for their results, but damnn it if i don't get A for history i would be really really disappointed. Freakkk results in march. HOW HOW. I don't want the feelings of syf coming back all over again. Plus plus, i need to do well for hopefully all my h2 subjects esp econs, which i am hoping to apply for an overseas scholarship through MOE to go either Australia or Canada to study. Shit. How i wish i didn't take lit but rather something more useful and managable instead. DIE.

Malacca Trip:
Haha! Fun fun. Ate loads with Boon Siang, Tim Chua, Leonard, and Ray! Shopped quite abit too. Damnn. hopefully there will be a 2011 outing for us, or are we gonna wait till we have saved enough money for backpacking in Europe. HAHA.

Ahhh all for the sake of money, which i still cannot get my hands on it yet. Office life sucks. Wonder how people get through it. Office politics' a bitch too. Having to withold information from colleagues, etc. Shit shit. I really hope i DO NOT work in an office in the future. People there are generally nice though, so it makes (Sometimes) work less painful. But shitt i am going to be posted to a new department. Don't want don't want. Too confortable already arghh.

Genting trip:
Arghh could have been more fun but if not for erm, me. HAHAHA. Wthh. Booked one day later. Seriously?! Wtf is wrong with me. But woo really had a great time shopping and eating as usual! FOS is like the place to go for cheapskates like meeee. Sigh i think logistics wise it was much much more problematic than the Malacca trip (Thanks to Ray woo) though, but still had fun too! The free fall and roller coasters, omg. THRILLING MUCH. Fun fun fun fun. Mushroom Farm was goooooooooooooooooood. Fat fat.

I guess the more significant events have been listed? Work sucks. Outings rock. But ahh. I didn't imagine having to sit my fat ass down every week day for almost 8 hours. And oh! I got a new laptop. Asus. It's 6gb ram but still somehow slower than what i expected it would be. But still it was bought a cheapppppp price. So must be thankful. Haha. Plus i didn't actually pay for it myself.

As As As As. Arghh.

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Less than 2 months. LESS!! Am i supposed to be panicing now. The whole of last week was like shit. Studied so little. Probably relaxed a little.. too much. I NEED to start working my ass off if i am not going to regret my life in JC. Mock exams in 2 weeks time. Bring it on.

P.S Fuck Literature seriously. I do not like uncertainity. But there's no fucking way i can do to make sure i do well. Shit la.

Oh well i guess its better that i am thinking about it now rather than later. I need to mentally prepare myself for the journey ahead already. Need to start sacrificing my playing time for studies. History Math Econs GP Lit..

Not emoing here! Haha but was suddenly thinking, how close is it to As already. I didn't decide to come to JC since my Os results to flunk and waste my 2 years here.


Hahaha but i guess i have really relaxed a lot for the past few weeks (including the bloody september holidays which only lasted for one week gosh), watched Glee, movies etc. Anyway just celebrated Matthew's Birthday! Haha had a great time i guess. But the monetary costs. Oh no ): Haha.

LOL i just cannot stop thinking of As. Yuckk. Can die laaaaaaaaa.

Just now, Donavan and Luck Koon were saying how they believe i know my targets and will set my targets towards acheiving it. I cannot prove them wrong. Haha i think since secondary school i have really gone a long way. I usually didn't even care about studies back then. But now. Ahh. Reality is telling me that i cannot afford to be that way. I NEED to do well for my future.

Ahh random thoughts. Mind not working well.

And i need to remind myself JC is not primarily for social purposes.

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To contribute beyond ourselves

Hahahaha mind blasting.

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